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InnovaSonic 207i Flow Meter

Ultrasonic Liquid Flow Meter With Thermal Energy/BTU Capability

High accuracy transit-time ultrasonic technology
Software apps for ease of installation & diagnostics
Optimized for thermal energy/BTU measurement
Clamp-on sensors, no pipe cutting, no shutdown
Real-time liquid density compensation
Upgrade meter firmware and software in the field

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With the InnovaSonic 207i’s clamp-on sensors, there’s no pipe cutting or expensive plumbing. The 207i features a large backlit display and dual-function keypad with audible feedback. With its visual sensor spacing tool on the display, slightly move the sensors together or apart to position the indicator line between the “goal posts” and assure optimal signal strength.

Easily connect the 207i to your building management system with Modbus or BACnet communications. With its robust stainless steel
enclosure, permanently fasten the transducers to make it a hardened installation, and you’re ready to measure for years to come.

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