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Safegas SKY2000 Portable Gas Detector

SKY2000 series gas detector is a kind of fast response and high accuracy gas measurement device. With internal sampling pump, fast sampling s peed and high fl ow rate, ensuring the response time of the detector.

Unique design, small size and easy to carry with special high intensity engineering plastics housing, suitable for different kinds of situation and environment. We dedicate to provide you the most reliable,
accurate and the safest solution of gas detection.



  • Employing original imported first-class brand sensor.
  • Support Chinese and English operation, easy to shift.
  • The gas concentration u nit P PM and mg/m3 can b e shifted quickly.
  • Built-in micro sampling p ump, 10 grad es of suction are avail able.



  • Monitor the specified gas concentration in environment and enclosed space and alarm.
  • With Self-calibration and zero calibration functions, makes the detection more accurate and reliable.
  • Two-stage alarm with sound and light, alarm point is settable.
  • Rechargeable lithium polymer battery of large capacity.
  • Employing pumping sampling method and the pumping suction is adjustable.
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