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Safegas YT-95H-A With Display Fixed Gas Detector

YT-95H-A series gas detector(with alarm light) is a kind of monitoring gas concentration in different kinds of situations or pipelines 24h continuously wall mounted type gas detector. Using would first brand sensors, and advanced micro-process technology, with data display and high/low alarm, fast response, high precision and good stability. Powered by 24V DC, with 4-20mA, RS485, relay signal output. Explosion proof, suitable for different kinds of situation.


High accuracy & Reliable

Specialized in gas detection for 15 years, using world first brand sensors, high precision, the detection result is approved by the third testing organization.

Diversified output signals

4-20mA current signal output, compatible with different kinds of controllers.

High quality case

Die-cast aluminum case, strong and durable; Stainless steel case is available for choose, meeting the demand of different situations.

IP65 protection degreewater-proof, dust-proof, explosion-proof

Application: Combustible Detection, Oxygen Detection, Toxic Detection

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