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Sensepoint XCD RFD Fixed Gas Detector

The Sensepoint XCD Remote Flammable Detector (RFD) can be used with Sensepoint XCD remote flammable sensors (Catalytic and IR), or with the Sensepoint range of flammable gas detectors. The sensors can be directly mounted to the M25 entry at the bottom of the transmitter, or remotely mounted to suitable junction boxes or duct mounting assemblies. Sensepoint flammable detectors are available in both standard and high temperature versions.


Sensepoint XCD RFD (Remote Flammable Detector) has been specifically designed for use with remotely mounted flammable gas sensors. This configuration is ideal for applications where the sensor is required to be mountedremotely from the transmitter in areas
where temperatures are well above ambient (up to 150°C/302°F), or that are difficult toaccess. The transmitter can be mounted at a
suitable location away from this area where it
is easy to access, view its display and interact
with via the user interface.

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