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SPM007 Integra Mask Carry Case

SPM007 Hard Carry Case allows to offer protection to the Integra Dust and Low Profile masks when not in use.

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“-Strong nylon loop in the back allows the case to be worn on the belt or attached to a clip.

-Durable case to offer protection to the mask when not in use.

-Light and compact 16.0 x 26.4 x 19.6 cm.

-Compatible with the following Integra masks:

SPR407 (S/M)
SPR406 (M/L)
SPR404 (S/M)
SPR405 (M/L)

SPR444 (S/M)
SPR401 (M/L)
SPR583 (S/M)
SPR584 (M/L)
SPR538 (S/M)
SPR539 (M/L)
SPR536 (S/M)
SPR537 (M/L)

SPR536 (S/M)
SPR537 (M/L)
SPR534 (S/M)
SPR535 (M/L)

-Color blue.”

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