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SURE Gas Roots Flow Meter

It is a positive displacement, rotary type gas meter designed for continuously measuring and indicating the accurate measurement of gas in a pipeline. Gas Roots flow meters are suitable for handling most types of clean, dry, common gases at either constant or varying flow rates. Meters of standard construction are not directly suitable for handling acetylene, biogas or sewage gas. Contact the factory for information on specially constructed meters made of materials directly compatible with these and other gases

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It is integrated with flow, temperature & pressure detection of intelligent flow meter. Gas roots flowmeter is a new generation flow meter, which can execute automatic compensation of temperature and pressure. This flow meter is based on volumetric measurement theory and designed for accurately measuring the total amount of gas in a pipeline. The flowmeter is composed of two parts: roots flow sensor and flow totalizer. It takes advanced single-chip microcomputer technology & micro-power high-tech, meanwhile, it can be set medium pressure inside, with temperature automatic tracking compensation calculation, can directly to display total volume flow under standard status


• Gas Pressure Station

• Civil Boiler

• Propane

• Nitrogen

• Any non corrosive gas

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