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SPM009 Elipse® Mask Carry Case

SPM009 Hard Carry Case allows to offer protection to the High Performance Elipse masks when not in use.

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“- Strong nylon loop in the back allows the case to be worn on the belt or attached to a clip.

– Durable case that offers protection to the mask when not in use.

– Blue color
– Compatibility
Elipse A2P3 and ABEK1P3 SPR495 (S/M) SPR496 (M/L) SPR490 (S/M) SPR491 (M/L)
Elipse FFA2P3 and FFABEK1P3 SPR498 (S/M) SPR499 (M/L) SPR493 (S/M) SPR494 (M/L)
Elipse OV/P100 e P100 Multigas SPR466 (S/M) SPR467 (M/L), SPR484 (S/M) SPR485 (M/L)”

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