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Z-Link+® Welding Respirator with Zytec® FR face seal and PX5® PAPR Respirator

“The Z-Link+ is the most versatile multi-purpose respirator on the market.
Designed with your comfort in mind, the Z-Link+ ensures you’ll always be protected for life’s best moments.

The Z-Link+’s large visor acts as the framework for multiple accessories to easily transform your protection to suit your environment.
With the visor’s widened perspective, this provides you with an exceptional downward and peripheral field of view and with the hinge visor opening, this gives you the ability to easily communicate outside of the work environment.
To further increase your comfort and stability, the Z-Link+ can also be fitted with the Comfort-Link™ padding system for an even greater level of comfort.

Experience complete protection and versatility with the Z-Link+.”


Safety lens
Face Seal Zytec FR
Welding Visor
PX5 breathing tube
Lightweight (880g) and very comfortable using multi-adjustment helmet system.
Superior Comfort: the fully adjustable Comfort-Link™ fit system allows for total control of your sizing through supportive padding and the adjustable 360 degree head band and ratchet system.”

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